About Us

 Who We Are & What We Do

Pink Boot Farm is small, sustainable, and diversified. It is owned and operated by us ... the Stock family.  We are Hadley & Mike. Our children are Brantley, Amelia and Creighton.  

We take pride in farming in line with nature and in keeping our animal's well-being at the core of what we do.  We raise mixed-breed pigs, laying hens and meat chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, goats, and beef cows in a free range environment.  The pigs live outside in the forests, living much as they would in nature, eating apples, nuts, grasses, and roots.  This diet is supplemented with whey, hay, and grain. The chickens ducks, geese and turkeys live  much as the pigs do, spending days scratching in the earth eating bugs, grubs, grasses and plants.  They are protected against predators by our ever faithful and vigilant Great Pyrenees guardian dog Max.  Our goats work as part of the team, keeping the woods clear of invasive plant species. We raise only a few beef cows per year and they enjoy grazing behind the goats. Their diet shifts to hay in the winter. This rotation of the animals is designed to mimic nature, helping us build and maintain soil health and maintain a diverse natural eco-system.

      Pink Boot Farm takes pride in    producing a product that is outstanding in quality and flavor  as well as ensuring the best and most humane quality of life for our animals and the land we are so lucky to farm and call home.